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Floor Care

Riccar R20E Vibrance

The Entry Vibrance is the perfect combination of quality, value and convenience. The Vibrance is well suited for homes with mostly carpet but also comes with a Fast Task on-board tool set to clean baseboards, blinds and upholstery.

Riccar Prima Deluxe Full Size PN - PRIMAP.FSN

The Prima Canister with the full-size nozzle packs a lot of power in a slim, low-profile nozzle. Great for cleaning full rooms of carpet, the nozzle is equipped with a metal brushroll and two rows of replaceable brushstrips, plus a lifetime belt.

Riccar Squire Vacuum

Powerful, versatile, illuminating! The Squire hand vacuum pairs a two-speed high-suction motor with a spinning brushroll for cleaning everything from pet hair on your upholstered furniture to debris on your carpeted stairs.

Riccar R10P Supralite Premium

Despite its light weight, the SupraLite Premium is a powerful machine with lifetime belt protection, 40-foot power cord to reach room after room and a long 5 year warranty.

Riccar R30PET Brilliance Pet Retriever Tandem Air

Pet hair and odors don't stand a chance with the new Retriever Pet vacuum cleaner.

Riccar ROAM Cordless Broom Vacuum

The Riccar Roam allows you to do just that ... roam from room to room without being tied down by a cord.

Riccar R10E Supralite Entry Wood Brushroll

Tried and true, the SupraLite Entry is an amazing value that's built to last. With a heavy-duty cord hook, wood brushroll and all the performance you expect from a Riccar SupraLite, the Entry model is now available in a rich new color at a great new price

Riccar R10D Supralite

The SupraLite Deluxe is an amazing work of American craftsmanship. Loaded with power and convenience features, it's equipped with a long power cord, a comfortable Deluxe Touch handle grip, a squeegee to clean bare floors, and rubber wheels and bumper to p

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

Recommended for all flooring types

Riccar R20P Vibrance Premium

The redesigned Vibrance Premium is known for its cleaning prowess and durability, but now it comes with a new body design to optimize airflow, a Deluxe Grip handle grip and a longer cord.

Riccar R20UP Vibrance Ultra Premium

As if Premium weren't enough, Riccar has introduced the new Vibrance Ultra Premium upright, designed for powerful cleaning performance, easy of use, low-maintenance and outstanding durability.

Riccar R20D Vibrance Deluxe

The new Vibrance Deluxe with surface selector features a redesigned body with improved airflow, a Deluxe Grip handle and a longer cord.
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Free Shipping Over $25
Best Value Guarantee
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